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Nation: Emsequet


Weylings are four times the size of the average human. They have greyish blue scaly skin and large bat-like wings which can cut through the skies much faster than any griffin. Their long tails are strong and whip-like. As creatures of the land of Emsequet—a land rich in rock minerals, Weylings adorn themselves with obsedian jewels. 

Emsequet is divided into two regions, Western Emsequet and Eastern Emsequet, for they are ruled by two princes. Durzaan of the West and Nizakel of the East. 

Weylings speak in a very particular way. Though adept in many languages,  they usually elongate their s's. 

Weylings and Griffin History...

Weylings love Griffin meat, but if they should consume a Griffin during a full moon, they will gain the Griffin's Welcoming Moon power! 

It is documented that Prince Durzaan of the West possesses the power of Light. 

Weyling presence in Emsequet...


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