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Welcome Adventurer...
To the HALE series

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If you, dear adventurer, happen to be human, then the universe you inhabit is known as Malphora, a name given by the ancients. Thousands of years ago, Malphora was brimming with extraordinary beings, but none felt safe among the human race. Using their talents and grand energies, they created a divide called the Great Severance. In this parallel universe, Griffins roam the skies, advanced kingdoms flourish, tribespeople stick to their ancient ways, and the wild is filled with unimaginable dangers.


This land is now plagued by a fearsome prophecy that is coming to pass. It speaks of a young man, native to the Griffin nation yet raised in the human world, returning home to discover his truths. He is not only a shapeshifting Griffin but also cursed with a fearsome power, destined to be the Destroyer of Worlds.


His name is Hale.


However, Hale does not journey alone. His story intertwines with others across the Extraordinary Division, like Marcus, a young prophet navigating life as a young Griffin in the kingdom of Bimmorus, and Ellionna, the vessel of a siren’s soul recently expelled from her home, the Arketcha Tribe.


The Hale series is for ages 12 and up, filled with unique magic, creatures, and worlds, action and adventure, and a touch of (appropriate) romance. This fantasy series is like no other—classic and wholesome, relatable to people from all walks of life. Themes include good and bad family relationships, manipulation, self-acceptance, and overcoming one’s mistakes.


Enjoy the interactive website where you can dive into the world of HALE with trading cards, games, quizzes, videos, short stories, and more!


Acclaim for the Hale series

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You might be wondering, why this story?


Why was it written, and what makes it special and worthy of your attention? Hale offers a fresh spin on the fantasy genre, focusing not on a chosen one but on someone destined to bring about the end of the world as we know it. His story explores themes of fate and free will, making it relatable to our modern-day problems and lives.

The series is crafted with young readers in mind, delivering excitement without the distasteful profanity and sexual content often found on bookshelves today. Hale also promotes values of unity among people of all races (and species), as well as kindness, friendship, honor, and genuine bravery.

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