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A Griffin power in which one can create invisible barriers and force fields.

Power of Shielding

Power of Light

A Griffin power where one may cause others to see whatever they imagine. 

A Griffin power in which one can produce fire from their bodies. 

Power of Ardor

The Griffin Clan envied by all of the Extraordinary Division for their annual Welcoming Moon in which each Griffin of age is blessed with one of six powers. 

The Griffin Clan

For the rich, Bimmorus is a technological advanced kingdom. The kingdom once flourished under the ruler of the recently deceased King Owen. Now Bimmorus is ruled by his brother, William. Many mysterious surround the royals, mysteries only Owen's son, Camden can solve...


The ground of Emsequet quakes at any given moment, spewing lava from the earth! One who assume it might be safer to fly through is gravely mistaken, for the meat hungry Weyling will be sure to spot them!


The Priestesses of old magic have once belonged to the Arketcha tribe. Now they take in any woman who wishes to part from the tribe indefinitely and teach them the old ways in sisterhood.

Priestess Sanctuary

The Arketcha Tribe

The people of the Arketcha tribe are a close-knit community that practice spells, incantations, curses, and potions. Once plagued by the siren of the sea, the Arketchan people found a means to contain it's sprit within the same bloodline for many generations!

The Arketcha Tribe

Though it is the fastest path across the Extraordinary Division, the acid rain in these Gorges can burn off your flesh!

Gorges of Navmala

Power of Prophecy

A griffin power in which one can see into the future. Only one griffin is blessed with this power every generation.

Power of Endurance

A Griffin power in which one may mentally inflict physical pain onto another being.

The Isles of Nepenth hold many magical treasures. Only one being of the Extraordinary Division was known to venture here successfully. Bayo, High Elder of the Griffin Clan!

Isles of Nepenth

Banshee Forest

Those who enter the Banshee forest never make it out alive. Hunted by the most feared beast in the Extraordinary Division, the Vyrtrusk! The souls of the dead are forever tethered to the land, becoming deformed Banshees mourning the lives they lost.

Power of Dark

A Griffin power in which one may enter the minds of others and manipulate their thoughts. 

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