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Nation: Everywhere...


Nymphs are long and limber like the vessels of nature they inhabit. They can hide themselves within trees of other forestation and make themselves visible or invisible. They have a child-like appearance that matches their behavior, and have opaque green complexions. 

Nymphs dislike mingling with other species. They prefer their own kin, and any woodsy place to inhabit. Nymphs need vegetation to survive, as they are spirits of nature. In a deserted land, they will whither and die. Nymphs will happily change homes as they please.


These flighty beings are quite playful and they tend to have a dark sense of humor. However childish they appear and behave, these creatures existed since the dawning of time, and therefore are very knowledgeable in many things. 

In their leisure time, they spy on "flesh beings"—as they call them— and learn their ways.

While taking a walk in nature, try to see if you can spot these eternal beings. If there is no wind, but the tree tops rustle, you have found them!


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