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Nation: Griffin Clan


Griffins are shapeshifters with two forms. Human and griffin form. They bring upon their transformation at will, engulfing their bodies in white light before switching shape. Ancient sources mention that the white light mid transformation is the true reveal of their souls...

Griffins have a lion's body but are five times the size, with long and pointed ears.

Lore states that griffins were not always shapeshifters, but in fact only had one form, their beast form..

The Welcoming Moon

Griffins are never born with their supernatural talents besides the ability to transform. During the coming-of-age celebration of the Welcoming Moon, young griffins are blessed with one of six powers. They are Endurance, Ardor, Light, Prophecy, Shielding, and Dark. 

For more information about each griffin power, CLICK HERE.

The Welcoming Moon is an annual moon display which is not shown in any other part of the world, Malphora. During the celebration, an illusion of six moons appears, symbolizing one of the six powers each griffin receives.

Strangely, only griffins are able to receive the powers of the Welcoming Moon. To specify, if a non-griffin were to attend the celebration, they will receive no power. 

However, cases of power transfer to other species are possible and several are recorded. Weylings who prey on griffins during a full moon will obtain their supernatural gift.

Click here to learn more about the Weyling. 

Griffin Leaders

Year 1015

Year 1020

The Griffin Clan begins its civil war.

Rebels Bayo, Rioma, Deor, Ianna, Greon, and Felix, the strongest of their powers, ban together to stop the civil war, and succeed. They become the leaders of the Griffin Clan.

Year 1021

The griffin leaders have returned to the Welcoming Moon twice, which is traditionally never allowed among the Clan. Because of this, they're age is stunted. So long as they return to the Welcoming Moon annually, they will be immortal. The leaders take on their new identity as the Elders of the Griffin Clan.  

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