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Woodland Demon

Woodland Demons do not belong to any nation. They inhabit woodsy places with a prominent source of nymphs.


At first glance, once might not tell a Woodland Demon a part from an ordinary fruit tree... that is, until you get a whiff of their intoxicating aroma. 

A Woodland Demon will emit a hypnotizing glow. Their fruit will enchant you, and your hunger will never be satisfied. This is when their transformation begins. The Woodland Demon will them lift its roots from the soil and contort violently to reveal a womanly figure, and monstrous face which seeps black ooze from its mouth.

They often move into populated woodsy areas to prey on flesh creatures and nymphs by inhaling their souls as a source of life energy.


While these creatures are very frightening, Woodland Demons have existed since the dawning of time, just as the nymphs. They absorb the world's knowledge and events through their entwined roots, which may expand and shrink at their will. Their consumption of spirits, too, brings them knowledge from the spirit worlds, and so these Woodland Demons might offer a weary traveler words of wisdom before consuming their soul!

Despite popular belief, Woodland Demons are a species, not a demonic figure possessing a tree...


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