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In the thrilling third installment of the HALE saga, Hale, with the guidance of his father’s journal, have embarked on a treacherous journey alongside his loyal companions, River and Evan. Escaping the clutches of the Griffin Clan, they braved the perilous lands of the Extraordinary Division, finally arriving in the legendary kingdom of Bimmorus.


But Bimmorus, once a beacon of hope, now reveals its darker side. Life within its borders is a stark contrast to the sanctuary Hale had dreamed of, being under the oppressive rule of Lord Stedricck Genrik, now acting as Bimmorus’ ambassador, wielding the legendary sword, Jana-Fang.


Amidst the turmoil, tensions escalate. The Weyling Prince, Nizakel, fueled by a thirst for vengeance against the Destroyer of Worlds, sets his sights on Hale and his allies. Marcus, burdened by the weight of overwhelming visions, struggles to maintain control amidst the chaos that threatens to consume him. Meanwhile, Palla races against the ticking clock to prevent the catastrophic merging of siren souls within Ellionna—a cataclysm that promises world-shattering destruction, all while the very ocean itself seems poised for retribution.


With Bayo’s impending war on the horizon, the fate of all hangs in a precarious balance. Can these disparate forces unite in time to thwart his devastating strike? Discover the answer in “HALE: The Staff of Time,” a gripping tale of magic, bravery, and the unwavering strength of hope.

HALE: The Staff of Time - Book 3

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