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After a desperate escape attempt from his kidnapper, sixteen-year-old Hale is thrust into the brutal world of magic that his sister had tried to protect him from.

Here, in the violent land of Griffins, Hale learns he is anything but normal. He is in fact a griffin who has pretty amazing talents. As Hale grows close to the Griffin Leader, Bayo, he can't deny their connection. However, Hale is unaware of the dark plans Bayo has in store for well as who they truly are to one another.

In Hale: The Realm of the Griffins, readers discover a diverse fantasy world with four unique nations and cultures. The novel is broken into short stories that follow a different set in the cast bringing the reader into fun adventures in every chapter. This unique magic system is unlike anything in fantasy literature today. Hale: The Realm of the Griffins is an anti-chosen-one story that addresses loss, manipulation, good and bad family relationships, finding one’s path, and dealing with one’s mistakes.

HALE: The Rise of the Griffins (Ages 12+)

  • Young Adult Fantasy Novel

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