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The Rise of the Griffins

The Graphic Novel - Volume 1

“Never take off your amulet. It is the only thing

protecting you now.”

Hale wants to heed his sister’s warning, spoken through bloody teeth, but he cannot hide from destiny. Losing the amulet sends Hale into a violent, magical world that reveals the truth: he isn’t a human at all, but a griffin with supernatural talents.

While Hale struggles to fit into his new role as a griffin, he finds an ally in Bayo, the all-powerful Griffin King and the leader of the Griffin Clan. Hale doesn’t know why Bayo has taken such a keen interest in him, or why the king seems strangely familiar, but as they grow closer, Hale can’t deny their connection.

Desperate for answers, Hale begins looking into why he and many other young griffins were brought to the Griffin Clan, as well as the truth about his family and his connection with King Bayo.

Soar into Hale: The Rise of the Griffins, a world full of magnificent shapeshifters, manipulative telepaths, a soul-stealing witch, woodland demons, nymphs, a young prophet, and the vessel of a man-killing siren.


By JK Noble

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